About Aladdin Pool Service Inc

Aladdin Pool Service Inc is owned by Mark and Lisa Becker. Originally from Orange County, Mark moved to El Dorado County in 1988 in search of a better place to raise a family. Within a week of moving, Mark started in the pool service and repair business. Trained by an existing pool service company, he purchased an established pool route and began to further his knowledge and skills in the swimming pool service industry.

For almost 20 years, Mark has become an established citizen of El Dorado County. His business has flourished to what is known today as Aladdin Pool Service. 
Once we got into the pool service industry, it didn't take long to realize that pool service was the easy part of the work, but keeping the equipment up and running was tricky! From pumps, motors, electrical, plumbing, pool cleaner repair, solar, heaters, and water chemistry, as a pool technician there was a lot to learn!

We are continually striving to further our knowledge in the pool service industry. Our goal is to take care of every pool as if it were our own. Upon initial signup, we perform a complete water analysis and adjust the water to industry standards. Also, we thoroughly inspect your equipment and will recommend replacement or repairs as necessary.  

Mark and Lisa Becker

What Good Is a Pool Service Technician Who Has No Pool of His Own?

After moving a few years ago, we decided it's time to build a new pool in our very own yard. In this process, we are taking advantage of some exciting new equipment to make our backyard a beautiful place for the whole family to relax and have fun! 

For example, we are adding a salt system that will generate chlorine onsite! Also, we've installed inserts for umbrellas on the platform of the pool and at key locations in the deck around the pool.
In addition, we have fiber optic lighting around the perimeter and fountains that shoot from the deck and arch into the pool! As new grandparents, we are carefully designing our pool with our grandchild in mind. The second step will be a large platform, so our granddaughter can enjoy the pool with us!


"Like What We've Done With Our Pool? You Can Do It Too!"

You can buy the same products we used for our pool, for your own! Take a look at our Pool Upgrades & Repairs page here.
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